Build your startup's sales organization with speed and confidence

Devise the right strategy, structure, tech stack, incentives, and hiring plan.

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"Graham was an instrumental part of our early sales team and will be an amazing asset for your company."

CRO  Yoni Osherov

Yoni Osherov


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"Clarified GTM helped to design my outbound sales reps processes and train them on how to execute. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a growth hack!"

Jagdish Misra

Jagdish Misra

CEO, TechnoMigrate

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"Graham helped us work through what our account management team should look and operate like. He was a vital resource for our organization's sales structure."

CEO SmartTerm Stuart Crooks

Stuart Crooks

Co-founder & COO, SmartTerm

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"Graham possesses an extremely robust knowledge of sales organizations and is a great thought partner for strategy."

CEO Travis Drobbin

Travis Drobbin

VP Sales, Opal

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"Graham's expert guidance and insights were invaluable in developing our sales strategy. I highly recommend."

Founder & CEO Rockhopper Inc. Sebastian Perez Lawrence

Sebastian Perez Lawrence

Founder & CEO, Rockhopper Inc.

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What We do

Unlock your startup's sales potential with our expert team.

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Identify the most effective sales channels, messaging, and tactics to set up your sales team for success.

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Structures and Incentives

Design the optimal sales structure and competitive incentive plans to motivate your team and measure performance.

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Create a comprehensive onboarding program covering product knowledge, sales processes, account management, objection handling, and customer personas.

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Hiring Advice

Create job descriptions, hiring processes, and candidate interviews to build a sales team that shares your company's values.

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Pricing Strategy

Set up pricing tiers, discounts, and promotions to optimize revenue and customer acquisition.

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Tech Stack

Evaluate and select the optimal tech stack to accelerate your sales growth and stay ahead of the competition.

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