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Graham Rowe 

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I'm Graham Rowe, and I help SaaS startups get to >120% Net Revenue Retention. I've been a top tier startup operator for over a decade. I worked for Uber’s famous Ops team long before the IPO and was the first Account Manager at monday.com, a B2B SaaS Decacorn that IPO'd in 2021 and was valued at $21 billion.

I was a Sales Manager at monday.com, where I built and managed multiple Account Management teams that helped to scale the company's touch funnel sales revenue from less than $1 million to well over $200 million, contributing to a total annual recurring revenue growth of more than $500 million.

As the founder of Clarified GTM, I leverage my experience and skills to help SaaS startups get to >120% Net Revenue Retention and ultimately join the ranks of successful companies I worked for, like monday.com and Uber.

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What We Do

We help SaaS startups get to >120% Net Revenue Retention

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Expansion Strategy

How do you get existing customers to buy more? Are your cross-sell and upsell strategies optimal?

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Renewal Strategy

What is the job that the customer expects your startup to do for them. Is that the same job as last year? What should your cadence be to get ahead of the renewal?

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Managing At Risk Accounts

How do you know an account is at risk? How do you stop accounts from churning? How do you keep some of the revenue with your company?

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Decision Maker Profiles

Are the decision makers that purchased the same that will renew? Are you speaking to the right people? Do you have the right tools to make sure?

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NRR Focused Teams

How do guide your NRR focused teams? How should they interface with your product team? What are the best practices?

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NRR Analytics

What variables identify account champions? What activity is driving renewals? How satisfied are your customers? Do you have the right analytics infrastructure?